Finntrail produce the highest quality ATV & UTV wading gear. They believe in its value and performance, which is why they offer a 12-MONTH warranty.




Like everything, gear loses its useful properties with each wash. Try to minimize the number of washes and the gear will last a long time.

Clean your gear from adhering dirt and rinse under running water.

Washing by hand:

To remove minor impurities, it is enough to use ordinary soap, a soft bristle brush or a sponge.

In a washing machine:

- “Membrane fabric” or “Hand wash" mode in cold water with a thorough rinse.

- Use only special detergents for membrane fabrics (do not use laundry detergents, conditioners and bleaches)

- do not wring

- do not use dry cleaning


- After washing turn the gear inside out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

- After drying the inside, turn it inside out again and leave it to dry completely.

- Do not dry gear near bonfires, heaters and in direct sunlight.


If possible, store the gear flat, upright, in a dry and ventilated area

Use clothing covers to protect the membrane from dust. The dust clogs the membrane structure and "blocks" breathing.

Pay attention to creases: do not leave them during storage. Creases can damage protective layers, which lead to micro cracks on it and decrease effectiveness of gear.




Already more than 10,000 ATV riders in Europe are using the Finntrail wading gear. And over 2 000 residents of the United States and Canada joined them.

Finntrail has been manufacturing and designing specialized off-road wading gear for more than a decade.

Each item they produce is tested in severe weather conditions. They test all of their gear in real-world riding conditions. They seek out the nastiest mud, dirt, water, and snow, so they can ensure that our gear functions up to the toughest standards. By conducting rigorous testing they make the lives of ATV & UTV riders safe and comfortable. The best riders from USA, Canada and Europe have contributed to the testing and design of the Finntrail gear you see all over the world.