Performance Exhaust

The Performance Series from HMF has been the staple of the brand since it's origin. Whether on dirt or pavement, this exhaust system has the capability of generating an even increase in horse power and torque while distributing an aggressive deep sound.


Titan Exhaust

The Titan is a stainless steel system built to withstand extreme temperatures, increase torque and horse power, add durability and improve the overall exhaust tone. This is the system you’ve been searching for. This is the Titan.


Swamp Exhaust

The Swamp Series from HMF is the original in setting new standards for horse power, sound, and durability on a utility machine. Featuring a removable snorkel system, the large stainless steel shell has more internal volume to create more horse power at lower sound levels.


Competition Exhaust

The Competition Series was designed and tested for sport ATVs. It features 3 inserts that affect the sound and power differently, giving you complete control over the type of power and sound you need, when you need it.