On the 998cc: 


- Power is increased right off idle to redline. Modest gains at peak output drastic almost +20hp at all other rpm. Really widens the usable power of this machine. 

Where stock power falls right off near 7000rpm, Our tuning extends and holds new found power to over 9000rpm. 


- Torque is amplified off idle and is above the stock peak for over half the rpm range. 


Stage 2:


- is where everything is optimized. Its a little louder overall. Also tightens octane tolerances. 

Stage 2 adds more power from off idle to redline over the stage 2.


With the most notable attributes of:


- Huge Increase of Torque from idle to 6500rpm. 

- Increased power output from 6500-10000 rpm. 

The ecu mapping is much different:


- remapped fuel, throttle, ignition timing, limits and thresholds for AFR, Exhaust temperatures

- remapped torque limiting logic, temperature limiting logic, timing and knock limiting logic

- open airbox for cold airflow. This works for both power production and detonation prevention.

- lower cooling fan temperatures keep engine in a happier state. 

- decreased engine safety limiting (allowed by cooler engine temps and air temps) 

- revised knock sensor logic (allowed by special tuning, cooler engine temp and air temps) 


Please note that you MUST follow instructions for modification / removal of certain airbox or inlet parts .

Can-Am Spyder Ecu Flash Stage 2

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