Ski-Doo - DPT 900-T - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

Ski-Doo - DPT 900-T - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

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900 Pro Tuner kit -Adjustable weight kit for 900 Ace Turbo pDrive clutch (non-clicker type)

71g-80.3g (stock to lightly modded)
The 900 Pro Tuner kit is a fully adjustable weight kit for the 900 ACE Turbo with pDrive primary clutch.
Designed as a high quality billet steel flyweight set to help satisfy the demand from performance shops, racers, and those clutch tuners who like to experiment and fine tune their own clutching calibrations to different terrains, tracks, gearing. Also used to work with and tune to other different clutch components used on this application to tune for specific applications (different preferred helixes, springs, etc).
The flyweight top profile is similar to the stock BRP #873 ramp curve on these models. There are two threaded passages to allow adjustment of mass to the inbound or tip position. The inbound weight or”heel” position uses Dalton’s popular “Quick Adjust” method, that allows you to fine tune the grams without even removing the flyweight from the clutch. There is also a threaded tip weight adjustment that allows you to adjust the “zone” of the grams needed, and the amount of tip weight required for the application.
There are many combinations of added fasteners that will allow fine adjustments of “total grams”, as well as placement locations. Many combinations of less than one gram increments can be done in different configurations of weight placement.
Most 900 Ace Turbo models come with approximately 75g stock weights. The 900 T Series flyweights are designed as a complete drop in assembly and are the only proper fitment set we offer for the 900 ACE pDrive clutches. The weights are the proper length and width with a close tolerance high quality bushing, and there are no additional hardware, clickers, or spacers required.
This set is for stock versions, or lightly modded to approximately 175 hp in most cases. For more modified version with higher HP levels from aftermarket race programming, etc the heavier set DPT-901-T would be most commonly used. Be sure to specify proper part number.
As the name suggests, this Pro Tuner Kit was designed to help satisfy requests from clutch kit companies, pro racers, and performance shops who want to tune their own clutching to suit their own needs and/or performance levels.

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