Can-Am Commander 1000 - DBC 1000-21 - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

Can-Am Commander 1000 - DBC 1000-21 - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

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2021+ Can Am Commander 1000, 0-4000’ elevation - Stock and Oversized tires, adjustable kit with settings for all Gen 2 1000cc models, including Max, XMR

Better belt grip and improved performance!

The 2021+  Commander 1000 models have very lazy CVT calibration from the factory. We have developed a new clutch calibration that will bring your Commander to life.

There is a very noticeable improvement in acceleration and performance compared to stock clutching.....everywhere! There is no negative or losses.

This kit uses a complete new calibration of CVT components for both clutches to work together to improve belt grip and performance. This kit is Commander specific, and developed for the most common intended uses of this version of the vehicle. It is more sporty. More like the Sport versions, but with comfortable cruise RPM for trail cruising and smooth for work applications. With the kit installed the vehicle will get into a better RPM zone and do so more quickly. This results in harder acceleration, better efficiency, and also improved “back shifting of the belt” when the vehicle senses load from soft terrain or hills, etc.

The flyweight lever arms in our kit are a totally different profile, distribution of mass and design. This whole package is designed to work together. Sometimes you need to change more than a few pieces to get the best all around package for the application. This clutch kit is a very noticeable improvement. A smooth more positive engagement of the belt. Improved throttle response and acceleration compared to stock clutches. The kit is adjustable for different tires and situations. We have spent plenty of time testing different applications and the complete instructions tell you how to set up accordingly for best tested results.

Having some adjustability in the flyweights means that if you change to different tires or situation later you can set up for that at the time.

Larger/ heavier tires in particular hurt performance everywhere. It is a huge improvement to recover losses from larger tires...even better than that. Rotating weight and added gearing from larger tires hurt acceleration and top speed. This kit improves bottom end and belt performance without loss of top speed, in fact acceleration is quicker to get to top speed and in some cases increases actual top speed ( remember speedometer error from larger tires can be a factor) A better clutch calibration for controlling “rate of shift of the belt” for these tire sizes. 

 ***Requires some special factory tools (Dealer installation)*** 


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