Arctic Cat Flyweights - QACA - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

Arctic Cat Flyweights - QACA - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

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Quick Adjust Cam Arms

2004-2015 Arctic Cat fixed pin drive clutch only

Note: price is for 3 arm sets

Dalton Pro patented Quick Adjust Cam Arms allow you to adjust the weight of the main body of the flyweight without even removing the flyweight from the drive clutch.

Turn each flyweight to the top position and you can add or subtract mass from the flyweight body by use of the supplied allen wrench. A great convenience when tuning newer Arctic models with the fixed pin clutch. These flyweights offer up to 7.5 grams of adjustability.

QACA-XXL 60-67.5g
QACA-XLW 62-69.5g
QACA-LW 63.5-71g
QACA-1W 67.5-75g
QACA-1BW 70.5-78g
QACA-2W 73.5-81g
QACA-2BW 76.5-84g
QACA-3W 80-87.5g
QACA-4W 83.5-91g
QACA-5W 86.5-94g
QACA-6WL* 87-94.5g
QACA-7W 94.5-102g
QACA-4a (4 arm set-67.5g)


(4 arm set-73.5g)

* Part number QACA-6WL is slightly lighter mid-tip version of the 6W set. (6W has more early mass than 1W through 5W)

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