Can-Am Maverick X3 R/RR - DBM X3T - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

Can-Am Maverick X3 R/RR - DBM X3T - Dalton Clutch - K Tuning

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2017-21 Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo “R”, and “RR” models only (172-195 HP versions). Not for 22 models.

- Oversized tires
- Also can be used with stock tire size for sand and higher load situations.
- Turbo R only, not for X3 900 non-turbo or lower HP versions of X3
Improved performance for over sized tires and terrain conditions. Adjustability to calibrate for different tires and situations.
The Can Am X3 Turbo R is calibrated fairly well for stock tires with typical trail riding conditions.
This kit is primarily developed to correct the “rate of shift” of the belt and help recover power lost from adding oversized tires or riding in soft terrain. Proper clutch calibration from this kit makes for better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load, and improves belt grip and performance in those situations.
There are new springs included for both the primary and secondary clutches, as well as a complete set of new adjustable flyweights and adjustment hardware. We find sometimes on this higher HP vehicle the stock flyweights are getting sticky and not moving freely because of the bushing design. The new flyweights in this kit come with a improved flyweight bushing/thrust washer design that offers better durability and more fluid pivoting action.
The instructions include a “flyweight set up guide” that explains how to set the flyweights for different tires and situations. This adjustability means that if you switch to a different tire size or application in future the kit can be adjusted to suit.
Belts are expensive for this model and proper clutch calibration can help a lot with belt life. Sometimes different belts can change RPM and have different characteristics. Factory belts have proven superior on this model and this kit is calibrated in the instructions to that factory stock belt.
***Requires some special factory BRP tools* and dealer installation. The stock factory belt is the best for this application and the tuning/set up instructions are in accordance with that belt.( some aftermarket belts turn different rpm, etc)***

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